Compensated Glock-30 Conversion


True to form, the Glock-30 is every bit as rugged and reliable as her bigger Glock-21 brother. When fitted with the only Authentic .460 Rowland®  Glock-30 Conversion and a 13 round magazine, this little pistol becomes “One of the smallest, most powerful handguns available on the planet today”. It is an excellent platform for the Mighty .460 Rowland®.
COMPATIBILITY: Our G30 Conversion is also compatible with the Glock 30 SF (“Short Frame”). It is NOT compatible with the Glock 30 S (“Slim Frame”).


The .460 Rowland®  Barrel, Compensator and Rowlanator® rear sight replacement are all included in the Conversion. Simply replace your Glock-30 barrel and do the easy Compensator and rear sight installation included with your Authentic .460 Rowland® upgrades and you will be ready to rock.
With 13 in the magazine, and one more in the chamber, you’ll be packing over 14,000 foot-pounds of bone crushing, grizzly-stopping energy that you can accurately and rapidly place farther down range than ever before! This lightweight system delivers True .44 Magnum Ballisitics with much less recoil, noise, muzzle rise, and night-blinding flash than the legendary .44 Magnum alternative.
We have found that due to differences in shooting style  in some instances the Compensated Glock 30 Conversion may not eject .45 ACP as reliably as it does the more powerful .460 Rowland® round. If switching between rounds is an important consideration for you, we recommend the Ported Glock 30 Conversion. The Ported barrel better manages slide speed in the Glock 30 for a wider range of cartridges.

The “Permanently Attach” Option:

The purpose of the “Permanently Attach” option is to permanently secure the Compensator to the barrel to make it legal in California and other restrictive states.
With the exception of the 1911, the customer must send their slide to 460 Rowland® for pinning.
For the 1911, the barrel is removable/replaceable even after the Compensator is attached, so only the barrel need be sent. In the case of a new Conversion sale, we can pin the Compensator before shipping your order.
Our Unique and Proprietary products are Often Copied but Never Duplicated, so don’t be fooled by fraud. Look for our Federal Trademark Insignia ® to be sure.
We stand behind our products “®”; so, try them and love them… or return them for repair, replacement or refund.

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3 reviews for Compensated Glock-30 Conversion

  1. I have your SF-30 kit and very happy with the power of the .460 Rowland it’s every thing as advertised even more.

  2. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed my first session at the range today with the Glock 30 conversion that I purchased last week. I am in awe of how well the conversion works, and am still trying to wrap my head around how much power there is in such a small, and easy to manage package.
    As far as my home state of NJ goes, we live out in the boonies. An intruder in our area is more likely to be a rouge black bear or a coyote, than it is to be someone breaking in. I can see this gun as being my new ‘go to’ as it would be completely adequate in any of these situations.

    I love this cartridge, and I can’t believe how manageable it is in such a small pistol. I have been shooting for my entire adult life and have been handloading for over 25 years. I discovered wildcats shortly thereafter, got bit by the bug, and have accumulated far more than I should have by any sane standard.

    All that said, I haven’t had this much fun with a new round since I had the notion to chamber an encore pistol in 50 Alaskan, and shoot 750 grain BMG bullets out of it………….(It works, by the way……)

  3. Incidentally, I will say that the versatility and quality of the .460 Rowland is just unbeatable. To be able to shoot three different calibers out of one barrel is wonderful, and the option of saving some funds on .45 ACP as practice ammunition will allow me to indulge in buying the “hot stuff” to feed it for special and serious occasions. It’s certainly a head-turner at the range, and I end up with an audience every time I shoot it around other people. They’re all amazed at how manageable the .460 fires despite sounding like I’m shooting a rifle round out of that compact hand-cannon!

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