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The Mighty .460 Rowland® Ammunition: Performance and Choice

What Johnny Rowland had in mind fifteen years ago when he first developed the Mighty .460 Rowland® cartridge was to duplicate the legendary power of the .44 Magnum on the lightweight, high-capacity .45 caliber pistol platform.

He did that in most spectacular fashion and .460 Rowland® ammunition was born. Now Johnny and your friends at .460 Rowland®.com have gone beyond his original 185 grain “Personal Carry” round to offer a variety of unique and exciting cartridges.

Described below is our line of bullet weights and types, all designed to perform safely and effectively in our proprietary Conversions for your modern 1911, Glock or XD.

Know that we are working all the time to add new guns to our list of platforms…

Our lightest bullet is the original, Johnny’s Personal Carry, a 185 grain rapidly-expanding Jacketed Hollow Point racing to impact at 1575 feet per second. It is our signature round delivering the most kinetic energy and the least penetration for maximum hydrostatic shock, aka knock-down power.

Next up is Johnny’s’ Duty Round, our 230 grain Jacketed Hollow Point delivering greater penetration and slightly less hydrostatic shock. It runs at 1400 fps and brings 1001 ft. lbs of muzzle energy on impact.

As bullet weights increase from 185 grains to 230, 240, 255 and now 300 grains, kinetic energy (1/2 Mass x Velocity²) is sacrificed for momentum (Mass x Velocity) as they deliver more and more penetration. The 185 grain and 230 grain bullets are rapidly-expanding standard .45 ACP pistol bullets designed to be used at .45 ACP velocities.

They do transfer tremendous hydrostatic shock at our velocities but tend to come apart in soft tissue, compromising penetration and disrupting optimal wound channel formation.

And then there is our 240 grain Magnum Hollow Point: This recently introduced beast starts with a .45 caliber Long Colt “Magnum” Jacketed Hollow Point rifle bullet that we swage down to .451 inches in diameter. This allows it to be fired through a standard .45 ACP barrel.

The heavyweight magnum hollow point expands appropriately and holds together, even at our velocities. It performs much better than any .45 ACP bullet on the market today. For hunting hog, deer, elk, or for defense against wolf, American lion, black bear or 300 lb crack-heads, this cartridge is The Bomb!

And YES! it is our recommended round for negotiating with Large and Dangerous ISIS…..with the understanding that you can define “negotiating” any way you like…

Johnny’s Defense Against Large and Dangerous Game meets the American woodsman’s need for Penetration, Penetration, Penetration!!!

He needs a high-energy and resilient projectile not prone to come apart, deform or deflect once it enters the animal target. Only by scoring a hit to the central nervous system can one hope to stop an enraged North American great bear, and our 255 grain Hard Cast, Flat-Nosed bullet gives you the tool to do just that.

At over 1300 feet per second this hard and heavy workhorse delivers over two and a half times the momentum of a standard 230 grain .45 ACP round. It is twice as hard as other hard-cast bullets and over three times as hard as regular jacketed ammunition. The result? Far better penetration than any .45 ACP on the market today!

And very soon we will be introducing the Suppressor-Friendly .460 Rowland® Whisperer! Designed to be sub-sonic, the suppressible Whisperer will be a meaty 300 grains quietly introducing its target to a demonic 666 ft. lbs of muzzle energy.

Take one hog after another without scattering the drift as you drive the aptly-named Whisperer silently downrange at a noiseless 1000 feet per second…for your target it will truly be “The Sound You Never Hear…”

Unique and Proprietary Rowland® products are “Often Copied but Never Duplicated” so don’t be fooled by Fraud

Look for our “Federal Trademark” Insignia, ®, to be sure.


Half the recoil, muzzle flip noise and flash.

Find out for yourself why so many folks
trust .460 Rowland® for their sidearm.


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