.460 Rowland® LLC is a Tulsa-based company and the proud purveyor of the only AUTHENTIC .460 Rowland® pistol Conversions.

We are the source if you are looking for True .44 Magnum Ballistics from your lightweight, easy-to-carry, high-capacity .45 caliber firearm.

The 460 Rowland® conversion barrel turns your Glock 21 into a hand cannon that is a force to be reckoned with.

Higher capacity with a faster rate of fire that delivers unbelievable stopping power. 460 Rowland® provides you with the ability to turn your Glock 21 into a reliable and powerful woods pistol.

Amazing .44 Magnum horsepower delivered through your Glock.

460 Rowland® is the ultimate Glock 21 upgrade.


420 S. Main Street, Suite 204 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

(918) 928-7460

Due to heavy call volume, an email may get you faster service for questions.

If you wish to place an order over the phone, we will do our very best to assist you


We cannot be responsible for failures to cycle or for gun damage resulting from hand loaded ammunition; nor from the failure to install our products according to our guidelines and using all specifically recommended parts and accessories.