The .460 Rowland® Whisperer 290gr HC


The .460 Rowland® Whisperer: ( 290 Grains of Hard Cast Lead Traveling @ 1016ft/sec !!! ) This Silent Penetrator is The Bomb !!!

We slowed our normally supersonic Rowland® cartridge below the speed of sound by adding weight … not by reducing the charge.

Resulting in a Full Powered .460 Rowland® cartridge that’s ideal for Silent Running, Close Quarter, Penetration.

When properly zeroed, (at 7.5 and at 54.5 yards), this Flat-Shooting, Phat-Bottom-Girl rises and falls less than one inch in 65 yards !!!!

Allowing you shoot straight and flat for over half a football field, or to quietly and accuratly rain down 290gr lead droplets at 100 yards or more.

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