Ported XD 5 Tactical Conversion


The Springfield XD 5″ Tactical: is our standard for polymer pistols, and when fitted with your Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion, this accurate, rugged, reliable, lightweight, high-capacity .45 caliber hand gun will give you True .44 Magnum Ballistics with less recoil, muzzle flip, noise, or muzzle flash than the legendary .44 Magnum alternative. If you love your XD 5” now… you’ll really love it in .460 Rowland®!

AND YES: Our Conversion is compatible with the XD MOD 2 Version. (Please check the box below).

Custom Barrel Order…Please allow extra time for delivery.

The Springfield XD and XDm series pistols are tough and reliable and deliver match grade components and match grade accuracy for a price we can live with. They are true “tack-drivers right out of the box”! And our quality .460 Rowland® upgrades almost double their muzzle velocity, more than triple their power level and dramatically increase their range and accuracy!


The XD 5" Tactical was the first XD they got it right the first time! . It's a solid full-size gun with a longer and more robust recoil spring assembly and a longer sight radius than its smaller cousins. We love the way it shoots, and you will too.


The .460 Rowland® barrel porting system was developed to conform to California’s strict prohibition against “assault weapons”.


The fully compensated conversion does do a better job of reducing recoil, muzzle flip and flash; however, the ported conversion has the incidental advantage of being completely removable without having to detach a screw-on-compensator.Our Unique and Proprietary products are Often Copied but Never Duplicated, so don’t be fooled by fraud. Look for our Federal Trademark Insignia, ("®"), to be sure.

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None, Stainless Steel Compensator :- ($32.00), Charge To Permanently Attach Comp :- ($50.00), .460 Rowland® Thread Protector .578 x 28 (to Match Barrel Thread Pitch) :- ($16.83)

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