Compensated FNX & FNX 45 Conversion


Convert your Standard FN FNX 45…no need to own the Tactical Version!

The superbly designed FNX™ was conceived, developed and proven for elite troops on the modern battlefield.

It’s low bore axis, natural grip angle…rugged, ergonomic, fully-ambidextrous controls…and it’s decisive 15+1 capacity…all make it one of the more extraordinary handguns available today.

It would seem difficult to improve upon such a great gun…but here at .460 Rowland® that is exactly what we do!

Continue to shoot .45 ACP from your FNX Conversion

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In either the Tactical or Standard FNX models, we provide: 

  • Chambering to 460 Rowland®
  • Engraving in Deep Night Red to reflect the chambering
  • Polishing the slide breech face to enhance feeding
  • Two Modified Recoil Spring Assemblies Red-coded for 460 Rowland®, Yellow-coded for .45 ACP
  • Double Set-Screw Secured, Black Cerakoted 460 Rowland® Compensator Thread Pitch .578 x 28 to match barrel
  • A .460 Rowland® FNX Extra Power Magazine Spring to enhance reliable feeding
  • Instructions for your new .44 Magnum Power Handgun!
  • Once we receive your barrel you may expect to receive your Conversion within 5-10 business days…often sooner.

.460 Rowland® has redefined this exceptional State of the Art weapon by giving it…

  • TWICE the Range and Velocity…
  • Over THREE TIMES the Muzzle Energy…
  • Almost TWICE the Power at 150 YARDS as it originally had at the MUZZLE!!

True .44 Magnum Horsepower in this rugged, reliable and battle-tested .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun clearly makes it one of the very Best of the Best…
Is Your FNX in .460 Rowland® the Most Powerful Gun on the Planet?

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Owner Barrel, NEW FNX TACTICAL BARREL (when purchasing a Conversion) : ($222.00)