Compensated Glock 21 Conversion


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The Glock-21 is rugged, reliable and easy to shoot. It runs like an appliance and is a wonderful platform for the Mighty .460 Rowland®.



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The Glock-21 is rugged, reliable and easy to shoot. It runs like an appliance and is a wonderful platform for the Mighty .460 Rowland®. Simply replace your Glock 21 barrel and recoil spring assembly with your Authentic .460 Rowland® upgrades and build the most reliable, most powerful, highest capacity, handgun legal to carry in most states!

Our “Unique and Proprietary” products are “Often Copied but Never Duplicated”, so don’t be fooled by “fraud”. Look for our “Federal Trademark” Insignia, ("®"), to be sure.

With thirteen .460 Rowland® cartridges in the magazine and one more in the chamber, you'll be packing over 14,000 foot-pounds of bone crushing, grizzly-stopping energy that you can accurately and rapidly place farther down range than ever before!

This lightweight, reliable system delivers true .44 Magnum performance with much less recoil, noise, muzzle rise, and night-blinding flash than the legendary .44 Magnum alternative.


The “Pin and Weld” Option :

The purpose of the Pin and Weld option is to permanently secure the Compensator to the barrel to make it legal in California and other restrictive states.

With the exception of the 1911, the customer must send their slide to 460 Rowland® for pinning.

For the 1911, the barrel is removable/replaceable even after the Compensator is attached, so only the barrel need be sent. In the case of a new Conversion sale, we can pin the Compensator before shipping your order.


We stand behind our products "®"; so, try them and love them ... or return them for repair, replacement or refund.


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Our Conversion for the Glock 21 includes:

* Match-Grade, Extended Barrel
  • Threaded .578 x 28, Suppressor-Ready
  • Chambering to 460 Rowland®
  • Flats machined on threads to accept Compensator
  • Engraved in Deep Night Red to reflect the Chambering

* Multi-Port Compensator
  • Black Cerakoted 
  • Double Set-Screw Secured
  • Engraved .460 Rowland® in Deep Night Red
  • Allen wrench
  • Optional "Blue" thread locker
  • SS Comp available (+ $)

* 1 x Complete Flat-Wound Recoil Spring Assembly
* 1 x Extra Power Magazine Spring
*  Free Shipping  
* Installation instructions for this "Drop-in" assembly
* Superior .460 Rowland® Customer Support
* Made in the USA and Tulsa, Oklahoma