Compensated1911 “COMMANDER” 4.25″ Conversion


The Mighty .460 Rowland® is now available as a Conversion for the more compact 1911 “COMMANDER”. As with the Standard 5″ Gov’t Model, most high-quality COMMANDER’s are excellent platforms for this Conversion.

We have fitted your 460 Rowland® Conversion with our “Tougher Buffer” Recoil Assembly and our 17 lb. flat-wound recoil spring. This is the tension that will work for most models….but every gun and every shooter is a little different.

If you have a Stainless Steel Gun then you may need our COMMANDER “Tougher Buffer” Spring Tuning Pack
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If your gun runs the way you like with the 17 lb. recoil spring included with the Conversion then you may return any unopened tuning pack for a full refund.

As with all our Conversions, the COMMANDER is available with your choice of either Black Cerakoted Compensator (included in the price) or a SS Compensator (select the Option).

Both are engraved on the business end in Deep Night Red with our signature “.460 Rowland®” trademark emblem.

If only bears could read…..

Installation Instructions 1911 5″ Gov’t and COMMANDER Conversion

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How to Ship Us Your Gun

There are three good ways to deliver your firearm to .460 Rowland LLC for Conversion...

  • ONE: $ Hand Deliver Your Gun to Us in TulsaWe will convert it and let you know when you may pick up your Authentic or .960 Rowland® Hand Cannon.
  • TWO: $$ Ship Your Gun via the USPS and Your Local Gun Shop or FFL Please insure your gun for it's full replacement cost. A Side-Loading USPS Medium Flat Rate Box (available at any post office free of charge) works well for most guns in their cases; a Top loading Medium Flat Rate Box will work for a gun not in a case. Your dealer will need the remarkably simple US Postal Form 1508 (click on the link below), a copy of our Federal Firearms License ("FFL", also a link below) and a copy of your dealer's FFL (which they will supply). Your dealer will present both FFL's to the postal agent and attach them to your package in a clear packing slip holder on the outside of the box (like the kind FedEx uses). Fold the FFL's so that the blank side shows through the clear packing envelope on your package to avoid suggesting the contents. The postal agent will stamp and sign US Postal Form 1508 and give your dealer a copy for their records.
  • THREE: $$$ Ship Your Gun Directly to Us via FedEx Express or UPS Express. These carriers require handguns to be shipped 2nd Day air, so your cost for this option will be $75 to $125 depending upon where you are. Alaska and Hawaii will generally be at the high end. With this Direct Shipping you do not need to go through your local dealer and you will not use the postal form. Pack up your gun securely and present a copy of the .460 Rowland® FFL (see "Useful Links" below) to your shipper. There should be no markings on the box to indicate it is a gun. The FFL can be placed inside the box.

Again: Please insure your gun for its full replacement cost And that's about it! We will return your finished Conversion to your designated FFL or directly to you, depending upon which Option you have chosen. If necesary, we will be happy to contact your FFL for any information needed from them.

When Shipping a Gun always ensure that:

  • The chamber is empty.
  • You ship at least one magazine
  • That there is no magazine in the gun itself.
  • The chamber is empty.
  • The magazine (s) you ship are empty.
  • There is no ammunition in the box.
  • The outside of the package is securely taped. Do NOT trust Government glue!

LINK TO: How To Ship Us Your Gun LINK TO: USPS Form 1508 PDF LINK TO: .460 Rowland® FFL -May 2021