Compensated1911 “COMMANDER” 4.25″ Conversion


As with all our Conversions, the COMMANDER is available with your choice of either Black Cerakoted Compensator (included in the price) or a SS Compensator.

DISCLAIMER: While our conversion kits are designed to be a drop-in fit to most 1911’s, there is a possibility that your barrel may need to be gunsmith fit. Minor fitting/adjustments are common when installing any aftermarket part into your 1911. The 1911 platform is extremely popular with thousands of models put out by hundreds of companies. Each gun is different and we produce our barrels to fit in most guns while still being functional.
We are more than happy to help if you run into any fitting issues.


Carbon Steel Barrel, Metallurgically Hardened, Suppressor-Ready.


460 Rowland®PREMIUM POWER Magazines (+$38.50)

The body and welded base-plate of our PREMIUM Mag are case-hardened using the same metallurgical process as our Dura-Match barrels and Compensators. Well-built, durable and reliable, these are first-rate magazines for both .460 Rowland® and .45 ACP rounds. 7 rounds.

1911 Extra-Power Magazine Spring (+$13.10)

+10% RECOMMENDED FOR ALL COLT 1911’s (not needed with POWER Mag
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About the "Dura-Match" Barrel

You can now upgrade your Standard 1911 Conversion to include our .460 Rowland® Dura-Match Barrel. Built from a proprietary military-grade carbon steel, these innovative barrels are more difficult to produce but deliver true Match Grade+ performance. They are stronger, harder, and more resistant to friction, heat, abrasion, wear and corrosion than any other pistol barrel on the market today!

These new barrels are already more durable and conduct heat away faster... but they then undergo a high-integrity metallurgical process to further improve surface hardness, lubricity and resistance to heat and corrosion. We don't simply apply a thick black "coating" to the surface of these already great barrels; we transform the molecular structure of the surface while maintaining critical dimensional tolerances. The process leaves a beautiful black more shiny metal glinting across the open field. You will absolutely love it!

Dura-Match Upgrade barrels are "suppressor-ready" and include our new Tactical Compensator.


How to Ship Us Your Gun

There are three good ways to deliver your firearm to .460 Rowland LLC for Conversion...

  • ONE: $ Hand Deliver Your Gun to Us in TulsaWe will convert it and let you know when you may pick up your Authentic or .960 Rowland® Hand Cannon.
  • TWO: $$ Ship Your Gun via the USPS and Your Local Gun Shop or FFL Please insure your gun for it's full replacement cost. A Side-Loading USPS Medium Flat Rate Box (available at any post office free of charge) works well for most guns in their cases; a Top loading Medium Flat Rate Box will work for a gun not in a case. Your dealer will need the remarkably simple US Postal Form 1508 (click on the link below), a copy of our Federal Firearms License ("FFL", also a link below) and a copy of your dealer's FFL (which they will supply). Your dealer will present both FFL's to the postal agent and attach them to your package in a clear packing slip holder on the outside of the box (like the kind FedEx uses). Fold the FFL's so that the blank side shows through the clear packing envelope on your package to avoid suggesting the contents. The postal agent will stamp and sign US Postal Form 1508 and give your dealer a copy for their records.
  • THREE: $$$ Ship Your Gun Directly to Us via FedEx Express or UPS Express. These carriers require handguns to be shipped 2nd Day air, so your cost for this option will be $75 to $125 depending upon where you are. Alaska and Hawaii will generally be at the high end. With this Direct Shipping you do not need to go through your local dealer and you will not use the postal form. Pack up your gun securely and present a copy of the .460 Rowland® FFL (see "Useful Links" below) to your shipper. There should be no markings on the box to indicate it is a gun. The FFL can be placed inside the box.

Again: Please insure your gun for its full replacement cost And that's about it! We will return your finished Conversion to your designated FFL or directly to you, depending upon which Option you have chosen. If necesary, we will be happy to contact your FFL for any information needed from them.

When Shipping a Gun always ensure that:

  • The chamber is empty.
  • You ship at least one magazine
  • That there is no magazine in the gun itself.
  • The chamber is empty.
  • The magazine (s) you ship are empty.
  • There is no ammunition in the box.
  • The outside of the package is securely taped. Do NOT trust Government glue!

LINK TO: How To Ship Us Your Gun LINK TO: USPS Form 1508 PDF LINK TO: .460 Rowland® FFL -May 2021


1911 5” Gov’t Compensated

1911 “Commander” 4.25” Compensated


These instructions are intended for use with:

1911 5” Gov’t

1911 “Commander” 4.25”


Powerful recoil springs can propel small parts to eye-injuring velocities.

Your .460 Rowland® 1911 5” Gov’t Barrel and Compensator arrive Ready to Install in your gun. The Compensator has been “slide-fitted” and secured with a set-screw and blue thread-locker prior to shipping.

See Below for attaching your COMMANDER Comp.

  • Remove your old slide assembly, stock recoil spring, and stock barrel according to themanufacturer’s
  • Install your new Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion barrel

into your slide assembly. For a video demonstration go to


  • Back the Compensator’s set-screw out two revolutions to avoid damaging your barrel’s
  • Using a padded wrench to avoid damaging its finish, apply a firm, steady pressure to turn your Compensator in a counter-clockwise


  • When ready for the re-assembly, clean the threads thoroughly before applying your blue thread-locker. This is best done with clear alcohol or lacquer thinner and a wire brush or steel wool.

(Acetone leaves a residue and is not recommended.)

  • Apply a small bead of BLUE thread-locker to the end of the barrel and set-screw threads. Be prepared to proceed directly to the

next step of these instructions.

  • With your .460 Rowland® barrel in your slide screw the Compensator onto the barrel until it is close to the slide, but not actually touching Likewise, do not tighten the Compensator all

the way to the end of the threads.

  • The Compensator should not actually come in contact with the slide. A small space is normal and
  • The vent openings in the Compensator must open straight up .
  • Allow 20 for the thread-locker to set, 24 hours for it to cure.
  • Reassemble your new “Hand-Cannon” using the two-piece guide rod and supplied spring, or with the stock spring, as


The Browning Recoil System requires a firm or “locked-wrist” grip, which may be even more important when firing the Mighty .460 Rowland®.