The .460 Rowland® Remington® 1911 R1 Handgun


This .460 Rowland® Remington® 1911 R1 Gun Package includes:

Your new, factory .460 Rowland® Remington® 1911 R1

• Remington Base-model # 96339 or substantially similar (some aesthetics may differ slightly from photo due to manufacturer variations)

  1. Match-Grade Stainless Steel Barrel Chambered, Compensated and Recoil-Buffered for .460 Rowland®
      • Threaded .578 x 28
  2. Laser-Etched on the barrel to indicate chambering
  3. Installed .460 Rowland® Extended Firing Pin
  4. Two 8-round Remington Factory Magazines (+ one  7 or 8 round .460 Rowland® Upgrade Mag)
  5. Fitted with a .460 Rowland®Multi-Port Compensator
  6. Matte-Black Cerakoted (included)or Stainless Steel (Select SS Option))
  7. Set-Screw Secured
  8. Engraved “Authentic.460 Rowland®” in Deep-Night Red
      • Threaded .578 x 28
  9. .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System with:
      • Full-length, fluted, two-piece stainless steel guide rod
      • Dual-Action flat-wound recoil springs
  10. Factory Gun Case and Accessories
  11. Pre-Shipment Range-Testing
  12. Pin and Weld Option (for Compensator) available
  13. Signature .460 Rowland® Cerakoting for slide available

Not Legal for Sale in NY. “Permanent Attachment” of Comp required for CA. Mag Capacity restricted in some states. Please check local laws in your own community. Feel free to call us at (918) 928-7460 to discuss your personal situation.

How It Works:

  1. Place your order at, or call us directly at (918) 928-7460
  2. Indicate the FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder to whom you would like your gun shipped as the “Ship To” address when ordering
  3. We will contact you regarding Confirmation, Applicable State Requirements and Delivery
  4. Delivery generally within 15 business days (or less) of Confirmation
  5. Please use your most convenient phone number and email address…Or give us a call at (918) 928-7460
  6. Your card is not charged until we confirm your order.
  7. We will Fit and Range Test your new .460 Rowland® Remington® 1911 R1 prior to shipping
  8. We will ship your gun via FedEx Express to the FFL dealer you have indicated. You will be notified of the shipment when it occurs.


Standard features of the Remington® 1911 R1 Enhanced .45 include:

• Tall two-dot sight system allows use with a silencer installed

• Front and rear slide serrations

• Beavertail grip safety with checkered memory bump

• Enhanced hammer

• Blackened trigger

• Enhanced wide thumb safety

• Threaded muzzle to accept sound suppressors, compensators and other accessories  (barrel thread pitch .578-28)

• Flat checkered mainspring housing (20 LPI)

• Front grip strap serrations

• Custom grips with thumb groove and ambi cut

• Two 8-round magazines 


What Makes Our .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System for 1911’s

Such an Improvement Over the Standard, 200 year-old design?

• To begin, this Dual-Action, Flat-Wound Recoil Spring System stacks in a smaller space, lasts longer and runs smoother than assemblies with conventionally-wound springs.  

• By nesting a short section of flat-wound spring inside the base of the main spring, we permit the gun to unlock and begin its cycle under normal spring tension.

• As the slide accelerates and approaches the end of its cycle that inertia is resisted gradually by the second spring until, finally, twice the starting spring tension is being exerted against that moving hunk of steel.  

• This Dual-Action innovation effectively reduces felt recoil while saving your frame from undue punishment in a smooth and sustainable way. 

 Tuning Options:  

• Our complete  Tougher Buffer Recoil System includes our full-length, two-piece Tougher Buffer Guide Rod mounted with our 20 lb.-40 lb.  Dual-Action Recoil Spring .  The custom stainless steel guide rod is fluted for easier field stripping without an allen wrench.

Because every 1911 and every shooter is different, we offer a wide range of tuning options with compatible flat-wound Dual-Action Recoil Spring s , either individually or in Tuning Packs:

• 24 (48) lb.

• 22 (44) lb.

• 20 (40) lb.

• 7 (34) lb.

• 15 (30) lb.

• 13 (26) lb.

• High-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 24 (48) lb.  and  22 (44) lb Dual-Action Spring

• Low-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 17 (34) lb., 15 (30) lb. and 13 (26) lb. Dual-Action Spring

If you’re ready to upgrade your handgun to a truly superior recoil system that will not break or fail, the 460 ROWLAND® RECOIL DAMPER is the upgrade for you. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 460 ROWLAND® RECOIL DAMPER

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The Mighty .460 Rowland® is loud and proud by nature and delivered here using the venerable 1911 platform. This beast supplies more than twice the power at 150 yards than a standard .45 ACP model can deliver at the muzzle. 

Being pistol hunter and combat-oriented we fully understand that certain scenarios require a quieter approach: Our threaded barrel and elevated sites make it easy for you to install a silencer. This slim-lined handgun truly “Shoots Like a Dream and Hits Like a Sledge Hammer”.  Harness True .44 Magnum Horsepower with this lightweight, easy-to-shoot 1911 platform.

Your .460 Rowland® Complete Gun, Converted, Fully Range-Tested…Includes Shipping to your local gun shop or FFL for transfer.

.460 Rowland® has redefined this time-tested weapon by giving it…

  • TWICE the Range and Velocity…
  • Over THREE TIMES the Muzzle Energy…
  • Almost TWICE the Power at 150 YARDS as it originally had at the MUZZLE!!  

True .44 Magnum Horsepower in this rugged, reliable, and battle-tested .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun clearly makes it one of the very best of the Best

Already own this excellent gun? We can prepare a Conversion using your Tactical barrel for $276!

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