The .460 Rowland® Remington® 1911 R1 Handgun


This slim-lined handgun truly “Shoots Like a Dream and Hits Like a Sledgehammer”.  Harness .44 Magnum Horsepower with this easy-to-shoot 1911 platform.

If you’re ready to upgrade your handgun to a truly superior recoil system that will not break or fail, the 460 ROWLAND® RECOIL DAMPER is the upgrade for you. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 460 ROWLAND® RECOIL DAMPER

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The Mighty .460 Rowland® is loud and proud by nature and delivered here using the venerable 1911 platform. This beast supplies more than twice the power at 150 yards than a standard .45 ACP model can deliver at the muzzle. 

Being pistol hunter and combat-oriented we fully understand that certain scenarios require a quieter approach: Our threaded barrel and elevated sites make it easy for you to install a silencer. This slim-lined handgun truly “Shoots Like a Dream and Hits Like a Sledge Hammer”.  Harness True .44 Magnum Horsepower with this lightweight, easy-to-shoot 1911 platform.

Your .460 Rowland® Complete Gun, Converted, Fully Range-Tested…Includes Shipping to your local gun shop or FFL for transfer.

.460 Rowland® has redefined this time-tested weapon by giving it…

  • TWICE the Range and Velocity…
  • Over THREE TIMES the Muzzle Energy…
  • Almost TWICE the Power at 150 YARDS as it originally had at the MUZZLE!!  

True .44 Magnum Horsepower in this rugged, reliable, and battle-tested .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun clearly makes it one of the very best of the Best

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