.460 Rowland® FNX™ TACTICAL Handgun


The superbly designed FNX™ was conceived, developed and proven for elite troops on the modern battlefield.

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This .460 Rowland® FNX™ Tactical Gun Package includes:

  1. Your NEW factory .460 Rowland® FNX 45 Tactical Gun
  2. Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth
  3. Match-Grade Stainless Steel Barrel Chambered and Recoil-Buffered for .460 Rowland®
  4. Threaded .578 x 28
  5. Laser-Etched on the barrel in Deep Night Red to indicate chambering
  6. Two 15-round Magazines with  .460 Rowland® FNX Extra Power Magazine Springs installed
  7. Fitted with a .460 Rowland® Multi-Port Compensator

• Matte-Black Cerakoted (included) or Stainless Steel (+ $32)

• Double Set-Screw Secured

• Engraved “Authentic .460 Rowland®” in Deep-Night Red

  1. Installed Flat-Wound Recoil Spring Assembly
  2. Factory Cordura Nylon Gun Case and Accessories
  3. Pre-Shipment Range-Testing
  4. Pin and Weld Option (for Compensator) available
  5. Signature .460 Rowland®  Cerakoting for slide available
  6. FREE Shipping to Your Local FFL or Gun Shop

• Not Legal for Sale in CA, NY, MA, CT. Please check local laws in your own community. Mag Capacity restricted in some states. Feel free to call us at (918) 928-7460 to discuss your personal situation.

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  7. We will Fit and Range Test your new .460 Rowland® FNX™ Tactical prior to shipping
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Standard features of the .460 Rowland® FNX™ Tactical include:

  1. Checkered polymer frame (black or dark earth)
  2. 5.3″ cold hammer-forged, stainless steel barrel
  3. Threaded muzzle to accept sound suppressors, compensators and other accessories
  4. Low-bore axis for reduced felt recoil enhanced control
  5. Two interchangeable backstraps for custom grip feel
  6.  Fully ambidextrous operating controls
  7. Stainless steel slide with high-profile combat night sights
  8. Two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights
  9. Two 15-round magazines
  10. Fitted Cordura Nylon Case



Here is some additional information from FN about their FNX .45 Tactical….

“Improving on the FNP™-45 Tactical, developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNX™45 Tactical was born and bred for battle. Like its legendary FN forefathers, this combat handgun was designed to not only survive the battlefield but to emerge victoriously. It is the latest in technological advancement in handgun engineering, offering .45 ACP performance and a host of unique features that no other handgun can match.

Its 15-round magazine is precisely engineered to take a dive into the prone position and naturally roll up toward the target. The checkered polymer frame has a low-bore axis for reduced felt recoil, enhanced operator control, and a grip angle that provides an unmatched natural point of aim. Four interchangeable backstraps come standard to quickly customize the grip feel. All operating controls are fully ambidextrous for ease of use.

The 5.3″ cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel has a threaded muzzle to accept sound suppressors, compensators, and other accessories. The stainless steel slide has high-profile combat night sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights.”

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