.460 Rowland® 1911 Long-Slide Hunter


Our Un-Compensated .460 Rowland® Long-Slide Hunter with the revolutionary V2 Recoil Damper installed shoots with less felt recoil, faster target re-acquisition, higher muzzle velocity and greater power.

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460 Rowland®PREMIUM POWER Magazines (+$38.50)

Body, base-plate and follower of our PREMIUM Mag are case-hardened using the same metallurgical process as our Dura-Match barrels and Compensators. Well-built, durable and reliable, these are first-rate magazines for both .460 Rowland® and .45 ACP rounds. 7 rounds.

1911 Extra-Power Magazine Spring (+$13.10)

Add the Dura-Match Barrel Upgrade

Carbon Steel Barrel, Metallurgically Hardened. Extreme resistance to heat, cold and friction. Increase the lifespan of your barrel.

This great platform doesn't need a Compensator! And though you get a full 6-inch barrel and the increased sight-radius of a Long-Slide, it's still slightly more compact than our Standard 5" Compensated 1911 Conversion!

The Extra Slide Weight, the Tight Fit of the Kimber Platform, the Stainless Steel Construction and .460 Rowland® 's Special Tuning Measures make this your very best .460 Rowland® Hunting and Target Handgun ever!

For home defense there is nothing like it.



For Your 1911 Long Slide  SEE the V2 RECOIL DAMPER

If you've been disappointed by other recoil systems we have a solution for you.

If you're ready to upgrade your handgun to a truly superior recoil system that will not break or fail, the 460 ROWLAND® V2 RECOIL DAMPER is the upgrade for you. This device really works.

The .460 Rowland® V2 Recoil Damper

The 460 Rowland V2 Recoil Damper is a precision-machined “micro-motor” designed to manage slide speed and recoil. It consists of a piston and cylinder coupled with our 30-50,000 cycle reaction spring. It actively slows the slide, regardless of force, in the last inch and a half of travel, working much like the air brakes on a semi truck.

With that force absorbed, the reaction spring now has only to return the slide. This enables you to use whatever tension you like that will return it to battery: Higher for a rugged backwoods environment, very light for competition shooting…or anything in-between.

This was John Browning’s original intent for the spring. It is now realized again with today’s more powerful rounds. And the V2 Recoil Damper will work with any caliber.

The V2 REcoil Damper includes a Standard Reaction Spring and a set of six SS Shims.

Different Reaction Spring tensions and additional Shims, including more elegant Brass Shims, are available to suit your needs.

CLICK HERE for Installation Instructions

And it holsters just as well as any 5" 1911...no specially-made or open-ended holster needed!

Our Uncompensated and Uncompromising .460 Rowland® Long-Slide Hunter shoots with less felt recoil, faster target re-acquisition, higher muzzle-velocity and greater knock-down power than any other handgun on the market today.

Better performance...the same slim lines...and slightly shorter overall length than our Standard 5" Gov't Compensated Conversion...you literally get it all!

"Shoots Like a Dream, Hits Like a Sledge-Hammer !"

NOTE: Delivery times will vary depending upon the availability of the Kimber 1911 platform.