.460 Rowland® Allen Wrench for 1911 “Tougher Buffer” Guide Rod


Allen Wrench for .25” diameter Tougher Buffer Guide Rod.

The Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is an integral part of the .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System. Now included on all .460 Rowland® 1911 Conversions, it is also available here as a stand-alone assembly to enhance the performance of your existing 1911 Conversion or your stock 1911 (.45 ACP or 10mm) handgun.

The .25″ diameter, two-piece, full-length Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is designed for use with our Dual-Action, Flat-Wound Recoil Springs. These are available individually in a wide range of tensions, or in Tuning Packs, for maximum flexibility.