The NEW .460 Rowland® Cobra Conversion


Taking your standard 5-inch 1911 Pistol to a whole new level!

Half an ounce heavier and four-tenths of an inch longer, the incredible Three-Ported Stainless Steel Cobra Compensator is by itself more effective at reducing muzzle flip and felt recoil in a Carbon Steel 1911. But when combined with our newly-designed .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System, our Cobra Conversion makes “Shoots Like a Dream” truer than ever before!

The integral .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System‘s graduated-rate, flat-wound recoil springs are perfectly stabilized on our specially designed two-piece guide rod. This part of the Cobra system effectively reduces slide-racking tension at the start of each cycle while increasing slide-stopping power at the end of each cycle, just where it’s needed most. You get smooth and easy action as the cycle begins and increased resistance and buffering power at the finish.

This stable, soft-shooting Conversion lets you strike faster and more accurately with every foot-pound of bone-crushing power our Mighty .460 Rowland® is known for!


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Basic Criteria for a Successful 1911 Cobra Conversion

We recommend many high-quality, modern 1911-style pistols and have a few guidelines to help ensure you have a successful Conversion. We always suggest, if you are unsure, that you contact your gun’s manufacturer to confirm it meets our requirements, as below:

  • Modern, High-Quality, i.e. fully heat-treated slide {to Rockwell-C hardness > 36}
  • Standard 5″, Normally Ramped, i.e. not fully ramped,
  • Standard Barrel Bushing Configuration, i.e. no bull barrels
  • Not a “double-stack”….we have had very little success converting guns with DS magazines (see our FAQ “1911’s: Double Stack Magazines”).
  • For a list of some(definitely not ALL) potential models for an excellent Conversion click on this link:
  • The powerful Cobra Conversion works well on CARBON STEEL 1911’s, however it is too effective for use with STAINLESS STEEL pistols. This is because Stainless Steel has a significantly higher coefficient of friction than carbon steel.


The Cobra Conversion installation will be essentially the same as for a standard 5-inch Compensated Conversion. Here is a link to our Videos page where you will find a .460 Rowland® 1911 Conversion installation video:

Although the .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System was designed as a key component of our new .460 Rowland® Cobra Conversion, it works well on all 5-inch CARBON STEEL 1911 pistols.

The Tougher Buffer Recoil System is available as a stand-alone assembly to enhance the performance of your existing 1911 Conversion or in your stock .45 ACP or 10mm handgun. Check it out in the Extras part of our store. Here is a link:

About the Extended Firing Pin

If you are experiencing primer blow-by it may be because you have an old-style .45 ACP firing pin assembly. Upgrade to our .460 Rowland® Extended Firing Pin to remedy these issues.

Some 1911’s (even some very expensive models) have stubbornly adhered to John Browning’s original design and not gone to the more desirable firing pin assembly.

The Extended Firing Pin solves the blow-by problem and has proven to be preferable when shooting some of the more modern high pressure cartridges like the 10 mm, .45 Super and the Mighty .460 Rowland®.

Longer, Thinner and Stronger to resolve primer blow-by problems in your:
1911 5″ “Gov’t”
1911 Cobra
1911 4.25″ “Commander”
It includes an Extra Power Firing Pin Spring. Compatible with your large or small diameter .45 ACP firing pin assembly.

Firing Pin Diameter: .067″

The “Pin and Weld” Option :

The purpose of the Pin and Weld option is to permanently secure the Compensator to the barrel to make it legal in California and other restrictive states.

With the exception of the 1911, the customer must send their slide to 460 Rowland® for pinning.

For the 1911, the barrel is removable/replaceable even after the Compensator is attached, so only the barrel need be sent. In the case of a new Conversion sale, we can pin the Compensator before shipping your order.


We have a Complete Custom .460 Rowland® Gun Package for you!!  CLICK here:


A Final Word:

 We stand behind our products “®”.  Try them and love them…or return them for repair, replacement or refund.



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