Sig Sauer P220 Conversion


Famous Sig Sauer Quality and Durability Converted to the Mighty .460 Rowland®

Get True .44 MAgnum Power from your rock-solid Sig P220 .45!

SEND US YOUR MAGS for .460 Rowland® OPTIMIZATION! See Note Below




The NEW Sig P220 Conversion

Match Grade barrel
Chambered in .460 Rowland®
Engraved in Deep Night Red
Black .460 Rowland® Multi-Port Compensator
Black Cerakoted
Threaded .578 x 28
Double Set-Screw Secured
Recoil Spring for the P220
Optimize Mags for .460 Rowland®: Will still be compatible with .45 ACP

**Please send up to 4 magazines for upgrade.  Your new hand cannon will not be reliable without these magazine upgrades.

Ship to:

.460 Rowland® LLC.

420 S Main St, Suite 204
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103



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