Glock 17 / Glock 17 Long Slide Conversion


In 1980, the Austrian Armed Forces reached out for a new pistol to replace their World War II–era Walther P38‘s. The requirements were daunting:
   *Fire 9×19 mm ammunition
   *Withstand drop, 2 meters to a steel plate
   *Fire 15,000 times without appreciable wear
   *Pressure test for operation without failure using ammunition generating over 73,500 PSI.
The Glock 17 passed the test,  out-performing the other guns they ran and it was adopted! Other armed forces followed, as have millions of happy gun owners.
In 2018 .960 Rowland® adopted this great weapon as well,  upgrading it to deliver 30% more velocity and 100% more muzzle energy.
That’s right: True .357 Magnum Power and Performance from this battle proven 9mm platform!
 Our NEW Conversion does not require a Compensator or Porting! We will use your G17 or G17L barrel….just send it in  and we will take care of the rest.

This NEW Conversion can be accomplished in TWO WAYS:

1) OWNER BARREL: You send us your Glock 17/17L barrel:  Just $189
2) PURCHASED BARREL: We can supply a NEW Glock 17 barrel for your Conversion…ADD $198…(or $223 for the G17 Long Slide)



The Glock-17 delivers easy operation, exceptional accuracy and proven reliability right out of the box.  If there is any drawback to this excellent firearm it is the modest 9mm power level.
But install the Mighty .960 Rowland® Conversion and have it all!
Harness the power, accuracy and range of the widely respected .357 Magnum Revolver without having to cope with the size, weight or low capacity of that otherwise iconic handgun.
Send in your barrel and .460 Rowland® LLC will transform your Glock-17 (or Glock-17-Long Slide!) into the great and powerful handgun it was always meant to be…and continue to fire your Standard, Super and +P 9mm Ammunition from the same set-up and barrel.


  1. Re-Chambering of  your barrel to .960 Rowland®
  2. Engraving in Deep Night Red to reflect the chambering
  3. Massaging the throat and feed ramp for seamless operation
  4. A Modified Recoil Spring Assembly (as needed)
  5. Once we receive your barrel you may expect to receive your Conversion within 10-15 business days…generally sooner.



  1. Place your order…
  2. If using your own barrel: SEND US your barrel at…
    .460 Rowland® LLC.
    420 S Main St, Suite 204
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
  3. PRINT YOUR INVOICE or just write your name and order number and include it in your box with your barrel.
  4. A USPS Small Flat Rate Box (available FREE at any post office) works well and is inexpensive. Be sure to pack it so there is no movement in the box when shaken, and TAPE IT WELL….(Don’t trust Government Glue with heavy parts!)

Upgrade your G17 or G17L to True .357 Magnum Power today…and you will not be sorry you did!


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