Compensated XDm 4.5


The Springfield XDm 4.5″ Full Size Conversion

The Full-Size is an excellent, slim-lined XDm. When fitted with your Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion, this accurate, rugged, reliable, lightweight, high-capacity .45 caliber hand gun will give you True .44 Magnum ballistics with less recoil, muzzle flip, noise or muzzle flash than the legendary .44 Magnum alternative.
To shoot .45 ACP from your new Conversion, just remove the Set-Screw Secured Compensator and you are ready to go!
If you love your XDm 4.5” Full Size Pistol now… you’ll really love it in .460 Rowland®!



 The Springfield XD and XDm  Series

These pistols are rugged, reliable and deliver match grade components and match grade accuracy for a price we can live with. They are true “tack-drivers right out of the box”! And our quality .460 Rowland® upgrades almost double their muzzle velocity, more than triple their power level and dramatically increase their range and accuracy!
Conversion includes a .460 Rowland® Increased Power Magazine Spring.

The “Pin and Weld” Option:

The purpose of the Pin and Weld option is to permanently secure the Compensator to the barrel to make it legal in California and other restrictive states.
With the exception of the 1911, the customer must send their slide to 460 Rowland® for pinning.
For the 1911, the barrel is removable/replaceable even after the Compensator is attached, so only the barrel need be sent. In the case of a new Conversion sale, we can pin the Compensator before shipping your order.


We have a Complete Custom .460 Rowland® Gun Package for you!!  CLICK here:
 We stand behind our products. So try them and love them…or return them for repair, replacement or refund.
Our Unique and Proprietary products are Often Copied but Never Duplicated, so don’t be fooled by fraud. Look for our Federal Trademark Insignia ® to be sure.

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Weight 0.666 lbs

6 reviews for Compensated XDm 4.5

  1. The 460 Rowland turned my Xd .45 into the perfect Alaska back country carry.

  2. Have owned my 460 XD conversation for over 4 years. Have pushed more than 2500 rounds through it. With very little noticeable wear. Great job gang on an awesome product. I have pictures too…see very little noticeable wear. Thanks for the awesome product
    3:13 PM

  3. (verified owner)

    I have shot hundreds of different pistols over the last 30 years. from 22 to the SW500. Oh my God, the 460 rowland is Absolutely the best.
    About as powerful as a 50ae but Way more comfortable and controllable to shoot. There is no doubt this is a hand Cannon! the compensator keeps muzzle rise down considerably and makes the second shot much faster and more accurate.

    If you like powerful weapons you cando NO better that the 460. I shot underwood ammo(same Exact specs and cost as the ammo on this site)

    You are crazy not to get a conversion for yourself. be prepared to wait( took 6 weeks for mine) but wow is it worth it.

    Kevin in florida

  4. I do not think I have ever dealt with a more honest, forthcoming and patient company as this one is. I originally sent a Sig 220 for the conversion , which with my Sig, an older model did not work. They went the extra mile and more trying to make the conversion work. After all that , returned my money, no questions asked. Do Not hesitate to do business with these fine people.

  5. From: Bret K Subject: 460 on XDM Mod 2

    Message Body: I finally assembled my XD Mod2 Tactical with your 460 kit and went to the range.

    I cannot believe the low recoil and muzzle flip from a gun this light and with this much power. I have only fired (50) rounds but no malfunctions or problems yet. This is so much better than a .44 magnum revolver. Wish I had known about this caliber years ago.

    Thanks for making such a great product.
    Bret K

    — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on the website.

  6. I recommend this set up 100%. Own it and love it!
    The .460 Rowland conversion on the XDM 4.5 .45 platform is mind blowing with how well it shoots and the amount of power it provides! Simply awesome!

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