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What is the “960 Rowland®” ?

In a nutshell: True .357 Magnum Ballistics from your Glock 19!!

Johnny has developed a 9mm / 357 Magnum equivalent and we call it the .960 Rowland®. It will deliver a 115gr bullet downrange at 1600 ft/sec, and a 147gr bullet at over 1400 ft/second! Other loads will be developed in the future and velocities for these two loads will be increased as well.

The overall length of the Mighty .960 Rowland® is the same as the 9mm Luger, so not only can you fire our cartridge through your converted gun, but shoot any standard 9mm luger cartridge as well….and use any standard 9mm magazine. It’s a fantastic, flat-shooting little powerhouse with negligible recoil.

With 15 in the magazine and one in the chamber the little Glock-19 packs an incredible 9,750 foot pounds of bone-crushing kinetic energy without having to reload.

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Weight 0.362 lbs

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  1. I finally got to take my 960 Rowland to the range. I put 100 of your rounds and about 200 rounds of 115 grain ball through the gun in under 45 minutes. It performed flawlessly.The regular 9mm felt almost like a .22. I could feel the power of the 960 though. Thanks.

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