Compensated 1911 | Standard 5″


 Now INCLUDES the .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System!

Johnny’s Original .460 Rowland® was developed on a 1911 and it’s still Johnny’s favorite. Convert your 1911 and realize True .44 Magnum Performance with the only Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion available anywhere.

Don’t be fooled by fraud! Look for our Federal Trademark Insignia “®” to be sure.

List of Potential Conversions
Do you have a Stainless Steel Gun?


GO TO OUR “VIDEOS” PAGE for an Installation Video for the 1911 Gov’t. 5″ with a BLUED Compensator.                                                      

The 1911 is our most popular .460 Rowland® Conversion. Just replace your old barrel and recoil spring assembly with our Mighty .460 Rowland® parts and enjoy your very own…

“Dirty Harry for Your Daily Carry”

Our Unique and Proprietary Products are Often Copied but Never Duplicated. Don’t be fooled by fraud! Look for our Federal Trademark Insignia “®” to be sure.

Every Authentic .460 Rowland® 1911 Drop-in Conversion  has everything you need to convert your standard 1911 into the extremely High-Powered, High-Performance, High-Capacity hunting and self-defense pistol: the Mighty .460 Rowland®!

Components included in the Conversion are:

  • A Match-Grade Stainless Steel barrel rated for our pressures and chambered in .460 Rowland®
  • Our integral .460 Rowland®-engraved Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Compensator
  • Our Exclusive Tougher Buffer Recoil System (see below to learn more!)
  • A 20 (40) lb. Dual Action Flat-Wound Recoil Spring (as part of the Tougher Buffer Recoil System)
  • A Match-Grade Barrel Bushing
  • A 460 Rowland® Laser-Cut Barrel Bushing Wrench
  • A guide rod hex wrench
  • Installation instructions.

In order to comply with some state requirements you can have us Pin and Weld either Compensator to your barrel…all this with no permanent alterations to your gun.

Can you fire standard .45 ACP through your Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion? Yes you can!

(See our Special Note on Stainless Steel, below).

1911’s: Basic Criteria for a Successful Conversion

We recommend many modern 1911-style pistols and have a few guidelines to help ensure you have a successful Conversion. We always suggest, if you are unsure, that you contact your gun’s manufacturer to confirm it meets our requirements, as below. This is particularly important with the heat treatment of the slide.

  • Modern, High-Quality with a fully heat-treated slide (to Rockwell-C hardness > 36)
  • Standard 5″, Normally Ramped, e. not fully ramped
  • Standard Barrel Bushing Configuration, e. no bull barrels
  • Not a “double-stack”….we have had very little success converting guns with 1911 DS magazines (see our FAQ “1911’s: Double Stack Magazines”).

For a list of some (definitely not ALL) potential models for an excellent Conversion, click on this link:

If you love your 1911, you will really love what Johnny can do for it: True .44 Magnum Performance in a lightweight, high-capacity, easy to shoot, semi-automatic pistol. Enjoy twice the velocity and over three times the power of your standard .45 ACP.

Special Note re: Stainless Steel Guns

Stainless Steel has a higher coefficient of friction than carbon steel. The .460 Rowland® 1911 Conversion, when fitted to a stainless steel 1911 with a 20 (40) lb Tougher Buffer Recoil System may not reliably eject low-powered .45 ACP ammunition.  If this is the case with your gun, your stock spring should reliably cycle both .45 ACP and .460 Rowland®.

All 1911’s are a bit different and in some rare instances the higher friction of the stainless steel will prevent this. Should that happen with your gun you may need to revert to your stock barrel and recoil spring assembly to reliably cycle .45 ACP ammunition.

With the introduction of our Tougher Buffer Recoil System we now are able to offer a wide variety of Dual-Action spring tensions. These range from 13# (26#) to 24# (48#) and are for use with our Tougher Buffer’s .25” diameter two-piece, full length guide rod.

About the .460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin

If you are experiencing primer blow-by it may be because you have an old-style .45 ACP firing pin assembly. Upgrade to our .460 Rowland® Extended Firing Pin to remedy these issues.

Some 1911’s (even some very expensive models) have stubbornly adhered to John Browning’s original design and not gone to this more desirable firing pin assembly.

The .460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin solves the blow-by problem and has proven to be preferable when shooting some of the more modern high-pressure cartridges like the 10 mm, .45 Super and the Big Dog, the Mighty .460 Rowland®.

Longer, Thinner and Stronger to resolve primer blow-by problems in your:

  • 1911 5″ “Gov’t”
  • 1911 Cobra
  • 1911 4.25″ “Commander”

 It includes an Extra Power Firing Pin Spring. Compatible with your large or small diameter .45 ACP firing pin assembly.

 Firing Pin Diameter: .067″

The “Pin and Weld” Option:

The purpose of the Pin and Weld option is to permanently secure the Compensator to the barrel to make it legal in California and other restrictive states.

With the exception of the 1911, the customer must send their slide to 460 Rowland LLC for pinning.

For the 1911, the barrel is removable/replaceable even after the Compensator is attached, so only the barrel need be sent. In the case of a new Conversion sale, we can pin the Compensator before shipping your order.

The .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System

 The .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System was originally designed as an integral part of our .460 Rowland® Cobra Conversion.  Now included on all .460 Rowland® 1911 Conversions, it is also available as a stand-alone assembly to enhance the performance of your existing 1911 Conversion or your stock 1911 .45 ACP (or 10mm) handgun.

This Dual-Action innovation effectively reduces felt recoil while saving your frame from undue punishment in a smooth and sustainable way.


What makes the .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System such an Improvement Over the Standard, 200 Year-Old Design?

 ​To begin, this Dual-Action, Flat-Wound Recoil Spring System stacks in a smaller space, lasts longer and runs smoother than assemblies with conventionally-wound springs.

  • By nesting a short section of flat-wound spring inside the base of the main spring, we permit the gun to unlock and begin its cycle under normal spring tension.
  • As the slide accelerates and approaches the end of its cycle that inertia is resisted gradually by the second spring until, finally, twice the starting spring tension is being exerted against that moving hunk of steel.
  • This Dual-Actioninnovation effectively reduces felt recoil while saving your frame from undue punishment in a smooth and sustainable way.

​Tuning Options:

  • Our complete​ Tougher Buffer Recoil System includes our full-length, two-piece Tougher Buffer Guide Rod mounted with our 20(40) ​Dual-Action Recoil ​Spring​.
  • Because every 1911 and every shooter is different, we offer a ​wide range of tuning options with compatible flat-wound Dual-Action Recoil Spring​s​, either ​individually orin Tuning Packs:

o    24 (48) lb.

o    22 (44) lb.

o    20 (40) lb.

o   17 (34) lb.

o   15 (30) lb.

o   13 (26) lb.

o   High-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 24 (48) lb. ​and​ 22 (44) lb Dual-Action Recoil Springs

o   Low-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 17 (34) lb., 15 (30) lb. and 13 (26) lb. Dual-Action Recoil Springs

The Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is also available separately.

A Word About “Recoil Buffers”:

 Why not just use the ​p​lastic or teflon Shock/Recoil Buffer Rings ​sold for use ​between ​the end of ​your guide rod and slide?  Well, these little cushions do nothing until the slide gets up a full head of steam. Imagine trying to reduce or buffer all that energy in such a very short distance, i.e. the thickness of the buffer ring.  They are much less effective, take a terrible beating, come apart quickly inside your gun and must be monitored and replaced before they cause misfires.

In designing the iconic 1911, the venerable John Browning deliberately used the metallic “ping” at the end of each cycle to shake up the stack of cartridges in the magazine (keeping them fluid) to facilitate more reliable feeding.  Recoil buffers dampen that all-important “ping”. They are not very effective and can lead to potential misfires from failure and jamming.  Johnny says:  “Just Don’t Use Them!”

​The .460 Rowland®Tougher Buffer System  ​is elegant, versatile, lasts longer, will never break down in your gun and is simply more effective than other recoil assemblies available.​

About our Tougher Buffer Guide Rod:

Full-length guide rods are generally considered better because they force the recoil spring to stack without kinking or twisting and we agree.  Our Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is .25″ in diameter (thinner than most) to accommodate the flat-wound springs we like so much.

Rather than Stainless Steel we chose Carbon Steel to be sure that it would be softer than your gun. We believe any dents or pings should show up on your guide rod and not on your gun. Our guide rod can be filed, sanded and buffed, replaced or simply left to function like new with considerable cosmetic damage.  Harder Stainless Steel guide rods may dent or hammer your slide.


A Final Word:

 We stand behind our products “®”.  Try them and love them…or return them for repair, replacement or refund.


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Additional Information

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  1. Mark

    (verified owner):

    I caught the 1911 compensated kit on sale and wow! The kit is easy to install and the fit/finish/quality of the kit is outstanding! I would definitely recommend and have recommended this kit to anyone that will stand still long enough to listen! And for a bonus, you retain the ability to fire 45 ACP, so it’s a “no-brainer” for me to convert any future 45 that I purchase!

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