1911 “Tougher Buffer” INDIV. Tuning Springs


These Flat-Wound, Dual-Action Tuning Springs are intended for use on our .25” diameter Tougher Buffer Guide Rod, a key component of the Tougher Buffer Recoil System. This innovative recoil assembly is now included as an integral part of our .460 Rowland® 1911 5” Gov’t. Conversions, 1911 “Commander” Conversions and the 1911 Cobra Conversion.
Our Individual Tuning Springs are “Dual-Action”, delivering graduated tension through the entire slide cycle. By nesting a short section of flat-wound spring inside the base of the main spring, we permit the gun to unlock and begin its cycle under normal spring tension, gradually increasing to full resistance toward the end.

Many of these flat-wound spring sets are also offered as part of our High-Rate or Low-Rate Spring Tuning Packs.




What Makes Our.460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer Recoil System Such an Improvement Over the Standard, 200 year-old design?

  • To begin, this Dual-Action, Flat-Wound Recoil Spring System stacks in a smaller space, lasts longer and runs smoother than assemblies with conventionally-wound springs.  
  •  By nesting a short section of flat-wound spring inside the base of the main spring, we permit the gun to unlock and begin its cycle under normal spring tension.
  • As the slide accelerates and approaches the end of its cycle that inertia is resisted gradually by the second spring until, finally, twice the starting spring tension is being exerted against that moving hunk of steel.  
  • This Dual-Action innovation effectively reduces felt recoil while saving your frame from undue punishment in a smooth and sustainable way.

 Tuning Options:  

  • Our complete  Tougher Buffer Recoil System includes our full-length, two-piece Tougher Buffer Guide Rod mounted with our 20 lb.-40 lb.  Dual-Action Recoil Spring
  • Because every 1911 and every shooter is different, we offer a wide range of tuning options with compatible flat-wound Dual-Action Recoil Spring s , either individually or in Tuning Packs:
    • 24 (48) lb.
    • 22 (44) lb.
    • 20 (40) lb.
    • 17 (34) lb.
    • 15 (30) lb.
    • 13 (26) lb.
    • High-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 24 (48) lb.  and  22 (44) lb Dual-Action Recoil Spring s
    • Low-Rate Tuning Pack: includes 17 (34) lb., 15 (30) lb. and 13 (26) lb. Dual-Action Recoil Spring s
The Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is also available separately.

A Word About “Recoil Buffers”

Why not just use the p lastic or teflon Shock/Recoil Buffer Rings sold for use between the end of your guide rod and sli de?  Well, these little cushions do nothing until the slide gets up a full head of steam. Imagine trying to reduce or buffer all that energy in such a very short distance, i.e. the thickness of the buffer ring.  They are much less effective, take a terrible beating, come apart quickly inside your gun and must be monitored and replaced before they cause misfires.  
In designing the iconic 1911, the venerable John Browning deliberately used the metallic “ping” at the end of each cycle to shake up the stack of cartridges in the magazine (keeping them fluid) to facilitate more reliable feeding.  Recoil Buffers dampen that all-important “ping”. They are not very effective and can lead to potential misfires from failure and jamming.  Johnny says:  “Just Don’t Use Them!”
The .460 Rowland® Tougher Buffer System   is elegant, versatile, lasts longer, will never break down in your gun and is simply more effective than other recoil assemblies available.

About our Tougher Buffer Guide Rod:  

Full-length guide rods are generally considered better because they force the recoil spring to stack without kinking or twisting and we agree.  Our Tougher Buffer Guide Rod is .25″ in diameter (thinner than most) to accommodate the flat-wound springs we like so much.  


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