.460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin


Longer, Thinner, and Stronger to resolve primer blow-by problems in your:
  • 1911 5″ “Gov’t”
  • 1911 Cobra
  • 1911 4.25″ “Commander”
Includes an Extra Power Firing Pin Spring. Compatible with your large or small diameter .45 ACP firing pin assembly.
If you are experiencing primer blow-by it may be because you have an old-style .45 ACP firing pin assembly. Upgrade to our .460 Rowland® Extended Firing Pin to remedy these issues.
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Includes an Extra Power Firing Pin Spring.
Measured at the tip your standard firing pin will be .090″. Our Extra Power Extended Firing Pin is longer and thinner, measuring .067″ at the tip.
If you are unsure which firing pin you currently have in your gun, order ours with confidence. If it should turn out you do not need it, return it unused for a refund.

3 reviews for .460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin

  1. Thomas,

    I went shooting the .460 Rowland today. I shot about 150 rounds, to include all of your three types of ammo, and everything else that I’ve loaded up. The pistol functioned flawlessly, and it’s quite accurate to boot. The new firing pin made a great difference, no more torn up primers. You do great work!

    Thanks again

  2. Hello Dave,

    I received my kit yesterday for my 1911. I greatly appreciate you sending me the kit in a timely manner, your customer service is awesome! Your communication was great- thank you for telling me about the guide rod, and spring plug not being blued- that would have been a surprise. I assembled the kit in the gun and the fit is great, the alignment of the compensator is perfect as well. I removed that red dot that covered the “pin and weld” and covered the hole with black high temp paint (I figured it looked batter than the red dot). I gotta say this is a real sweet shooter! It cycled .45acp perfectly and dropped the brass about 3 feet away. When shooting the Mighty .460 Rowland cartridge the gun was very accurate and the brass flew about 10+ feet away. It cycled perfectly with whatever I put into it. I did have a few primer strikes where the primers blew threw- is the extended firing pin what I need to remedy this? (“YES, it is!”… .460 Rowland) I am very pleased with the results of this cartridge.

    I will be purchasing ammo and a T-shirt shortly for a YouTube .460 kit, and ballistics/chrono test…..I greatly appreciate your customer service and help. I have had a good experience with this company and want everyone to know about it.

    Jesse N

  3. Hi Cindy, I just wanted to let you know that I received the firing pin in the mail yesterday. I want to tell you that dealing with you guys has been a great and easy experience and I will recommend you to my son’s who all have 1911’s as well. Thanks and God bless your business!

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