Glock 21 Conversion Dirty Harry

Platforms for The Mighty .460 Rowland®

Contrast and Comparison: Glock-21 and Glock-30 and the .960 Rowland® 9mm Pistol Conversion for the Glock 19

The Glock-21

The legendary Glock-21 is rugged, reliable and easy to shoot. It runs like an appliance and is a wonderful platform for the Mighty .460 Rowland®. Simply replace your Glock-21 barrel and recoil spring assembly with your Authentic .460 Rowland® upgrades and enjoy true .44 Magnum ballistics in this very familiar, lightweight, high-capacity and easy-to-shoot semi-automatic handgun.

With thirteen .460 Rowland® cartridges in the magazine and one more in the chamber, you’ll be packing over 14,000 foot-pounds of bone-crushing, grizzly-stopping energy that you will be able to accurately and rapidly place farther down range than ever before!

This lightweight, reliable system delivers true .44 Magnum performance with much less recoil, noise, muzzle- rise, and night-blinding flash than the legendary .44 Magnum alternative. Just as importantly, you are going to love the freedom and flexibility of being able to fire standard .45 ACP, .45 +P or .45 Super from the same .460 Rowland® set-up!

The Glock-30

Though smaller than its big brother G21, the Glock-30 is every bit as rugged, reliable and powerful. Its barrel is 0.75” shorter so muzzle velocities, though impressive, will be about 85 ft/sec slower. And because its slide is smaller and lighter than the G21, the Glock-30 requires the increased mass that our Rowlanator® (a weighted rear-sight replacement) provides.

Swap out your Glock-30 barrel and install our rapid-target-acquisition Rowlanator® and you will have the smallest, most powerful, highest-capacity handgun legal to carry in most states! Oh, baby!!!! And remember: As with the Glock 21, you can shoot all your standard .45 caliber rounds from the same gun.

The Glock-19

The pocket-sized Glock-19 is just as tough, steady and accurate as her bigger brothers but she carries more rounds and is flatter shooting. When fitted with our marvelous .960 Rowland® Conversion this little hummer will deliver true .357 Magnum or .357 Sig ballistics from its small, lightweight, high-capacity frame. If you love your Glock-19 the way it is you’ll really love it in .960 Rowland®!

The Newly Re-Designed Ported .460 Rowland® .960 Rowland® Barrels:

The .460 Rowland® barrel porting system was first developed to conform to California’s strict prohibition against “assault weapons”. Although the fully Compensated Conversion does do a better job of reducing recoil, muzzle flip and flash, the Ported Conversion is legal “out of the box” in California and some other restrictive states. It has the incidental advantage of being completely removable without having to detach a screw-on-Compensator

Our newest Ported barrel design was partly inspired by one of the Tulsa area’s finest gunsmiths, Dave Saye of L & L Machine Guns and MacKool’s Firearms. Dave enjoys his Glock-21 in .460 Rowland® and created his own Compensator. His idea of lateral ports inspired us to design for ourselves an even more effective compensator that better dissipates spent gas through a pattern of circular ports.

Our Ported barrels, however, have been the most dramatically improved by the concept. The radiating three-row pattern of round ports found in our new .460 Rowland® Ported Barrel Conversions do a wonderful job of reducing slide speed and felt-recoil. Though recoil and muzzle flip are somewhat more pronounced than when shooting a fully Compensated .460 Rowland® our Ported Conversions are still smooth and soft-shooting when delivering the awesome power of the Mighty .460 Rowland® cartridge.

Summary / Conclusions

The Glock-21 and Glock-30 are both excellent and very popular platforms for the remarkably powerful and extremely accurate .460 Rowland® Cartridge, a .45 caliber round delivering true .44 Magnum ballistics from your lightweight, high-capacity .45 pistol. Properly set-up with a .460 Rowland® Conversion, you can fire both the Mighty .460 Rowland® and your standard .45 caliber rounds: .45 ACP, .45 +P or .45 Super, interchangeably.

While the Ported version is more readily removable and avoids some restrictions in states like California, the Compensated Conversion shoots a bit more softly. It, too can be made legal in most states by “pinning and welding” the Compensator.

The 9mm Glock-19 is our platform of choice for the innovative and powerful .960 Rowland® Conversion. Smaller than any .460 Rowland® platform, the Glock-19 is every bit as rugged, reliable and accurate as her bigger brothers. It carries more rounds, is much flatter shooting, and when fitted with a .960 Rowland® Conversion, it will accurately deliver high volumes of fire with true .357 Magnum or .357 Sig. performance.

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