“460 Rowland® COVID-1911 Recoil Damper”

(Patent and Trademark® Protected for exclusive distribution by .460 Rowland® LLC)

460 rowland custom 1911 pistol

A Better Recoil Buffer

Born of the Social Isolation and Economic Deprivation visited upon us by the 2020 pandemic, this innovative new device is much better than any spring-based recoil management system you’ve ever seen before and delivers vastly improved reliability, shooting speed, accuracy and ease of function.

It even improves the very fit and feel of your timeless1911 handgun no matter what cartridge you choose to shoot.

It is simply the BOMB and you’ve just got to try it.

In fact, we’re so sure that you’ll never want to shoot your gun without one ever again that if, (within your first 30 days) you don’t want to keep, it just send it back for a full refund.

What is it?

It’s a precisely-honed micro motor designed to replace your guide rod.

It runs like an 80,000 lb semi-truck air-brake, powering down your slide completely and reliably during the last four millimeters of travel.

It’s the “little engine that could” and can catch any ammo you want to throw at it, from 22 LR to 9 mm, 38 super, 45 ACP, and even the .44 Magnum-Powered .460 Rowland® Cartridge!

Now you’re free to reduce your slide-spring tension to just what’s needed to pick up the next round from your magazine, gently chamber it, and return your slide into full battery reliably. Stock spring tension or less.

Installed and tuned for optimum performance, your gun will run like hot butter and shoot faster and more reliably than ever before!

We guarantee it!


What’s wrong with using high spring tension to control recoil??

The larger shooting community, including gunsmiths and gun manufacturers, have long relied on heavy slide-springs to manage recoil.

They have accomplished this either by using big, simple springs, or complex assemblies of springs, that add up to about the same thing

But this long-standing practice has always come with compromise, both in performance and in reliability, including:

  • Nose-down-in-the-magazine, failure-to-feed
  • Slide over-run (where your slide fails to pick up that all important next round)
  • Three-point-bind failure-to-feed
  • Stove-piping
  • The undue shock and wear to your frame as a heavy spring drives your slide into battery so hard that the business end of your gun nose-dives (making it difficult and time consuming for the shooter to re-acquire that dangerous target for a successive shot).
  • The difficulty of assembling and racking a gun all bound-up by unnecessarily high slide-spring tension.

John Moses Browning always intended that the complex series of tasks performed during the second half of your slide’s firing cycle are best accomplished by using slide-spring tensions that are just right for your gun and not forced to do “double duty” controlling recoil.

Your slide-spring shouldn’t be too light, but it shouldn’t be too heavy either.

Our revolutionary new damper is designed to allow you to use the lightest spring possible, regardless of the cartridge you intend to shoot.  No compromise, no jerry-rigging, no more swapping out slide-springs. Just pure shooting perfection every single time!

Your gun will run like a sewing machine, rack effortlessly and shoot faster and more accurately than ever before.

So get your COVID-1911 buffer and other 1911 Essentials Now.

It will “Shoot Like A Dream & Hit Like A Sledgehammer” ® !


Half the recoil, muzzle flip noise and flash.

Find out for yourself why so many folks
trust .460 Rowland® for their sidearm.


Half the recoil, muzzle flip noise and flash.

Find out for yourself why so many folks
trust .460 Rowland® for their sidearm.


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